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Memorandum To: Residents at City View Condominiums From: Marla McGraw, Property Manager Date: 12/21/2016 Re: Roof Top Deck The Roof Top Deck repairs have been completed and the Deck is now back open for owner and resident use. The key that unlocks the basement storage door is the same key to access the rooftop deck. Please remember that owners and residents are never permitted to walk on the rubber membrane of the rooftop, please stay only in the deck area. Thank you for your patience while these repairs were being done. Thank you, Marla McGraw Property Manager Ohio Equities Memorandum To: Residents at City View Condominiums From: Marla McGraw, Property Manager Date: 11/23/2016 Re: Building Chiller/Air Conditioning Ohio Heating has the building chiller shut down for the season beginning today. The Chiller system must be shut down each year to prevent damage from freezing in the cold weather. Air conditioning will not be available until the system is started back up in the Spring. Have a great day and a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you, Marla McGraw Property Manager NAI Ohio Equities

Condominium Trash Area, Pet Waste and Bulk Trash Rules

March 14, 2015 Dear Owners and Residents, Lately the trash area has been left in an unsightly and unsanitary condition and has a negative effect on property values. Please observe these good neighbor rules for the trash area: All Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately. Pets are NOT permitted to urinate or defecate in common areas. This is strictly prohibited. All boxes MUST BE broken down before being placed in the recycling area. It is the Owners’ and Residents’ responsibility to prearrange for all bulk trash items to be picked up by Local Waste, our waste removal company. Large items may not be put out with the normal trash. If an item does not fit entirely inside the trash container with the lid closed then it is considered a large item and the owner must schedule a bulk pick up. The cost of the bulk pickup is a $30.00 trip charge and $18.00 per item. To arrange for a bulk pick up please contact Eric Dehays with Local Waste directly at 614-348-3403. No items may be left out of the caged storage areas. Items have been abandoned in the storage area hallways and they are the responsibility of the owner to dispose of properly. If an Owner or Resident fails to prearrange for the bulk pick up, the owner/resident will be billed a $250.00 fine, per occurrence, in addition to the cost of the bulk pick up. The intent of rules is not to punish residents, but to maintain good curb appeal and property values. Please be courteous and respectful of your neighbor. The community’s security cameras will be used to identify owners/residents that put large items out with the normal trash without prearranging for bulk trash pickup. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Thank you, Marla McGraw Property Manager NAI Ohio Equities 614-629-5284

Need Assistance?

2/2/2016 - Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District ambassadors keep our downtown spiffy clean and provide an extra set of eyes and ears for the police. Their ambassadors want to make sure everyone who lives, works or visits the downtown has a great time. They are here to help. Click this dialogue box for more information including their hours of operation and HOTLINE contact number.

Downtown Races

9/13/2015 - There are a number of races and parades held throughout the year in downtown Columbus near our location. 5k's, 10K's half Marathons, Marathons and parades have become a regular part of our landscape. These events bring many positive benefits to the downtown and unfortunately they bring a few problems. One of the most inconvenient problems they bring are traffic congestion and street closures. To help address these traffic issues, check our website event calendar regularly for reminders of upcoming races, parades and other downtown events.

Bulk Trash Update

8/7/2015 - Our waste removal company "Local Waste" has issued an update on their bulk trash removal policy. City View at 3rd residents can find out the specifics of their policy, by entering the secure section of our website. Just enter the appropriate passwords to view it.

Recycleable or Not?

By  Laura Arenschield


The Columbus Dispatch   •  Tuesday March 3, 2015 11:38 AM



Emily Bennett’s household is a recycling machine.


There are four bins in a kitchen cupboard in her Upper Arlington home: one is for trash, two are for recyclables and the last is for plastic bags, which are returned to the grocery store.


Bennett knows that Rumpke, which contracts with most central Ohio cities that have curbside recycling programs, doesn’t accept plastic bags.


But a recent review of the family’s recycling bins by The Dispatch revealed that the Bennetts were unaware that some of the items they place by the curb are not being recycled.


Their new “trash” pile included plastic yogurt cups and fruit containers as well as a cardboard egg carton (Rumpke’s machines can’t differentiate between those and polystyrene foam cartons).


“It’s disheartening how much of this can’t be recycled,” Bennett said. “I really thought we were doing our part.”


That seems to be a common misconception among the hundreds of thousands of suburban central Ohio and Columbus residents who take the time to separate.


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